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These are absolute best sellers.


No1 - Soothing - This unique blend of essential oils soothe and help reduce redness in the skin. Hazelnut oil nourishes with Vitamins A B and E, Soya oil replenishes with vitamins A D and E. Expertly hand blended essential oils of Lavender Geranium Cypress Eucalyptus and Sandalwood to balance, soothe and condition skin tissues.


No2 - Calming - An aromatic serum for conditioning delicate complexions often found in those with thinner textured skins. The expert formulation helps to calm skin redness and high colour whilst strengthening the skins surface. Essential oils of Basil, Niaouli Sandalwood, Geranium, and Lavender to strengthen and soothe the skin. Wheatgerm oil provides Vitamin E to nourish and defend against environmental aggressors. Hazelnut oil adds a rich texture for superior glide.


No3 - Clearing - A potent treatment serum to help re-balance oily, congested skin. Deeply purifying essential oils help to defend against blemishes and maintain skin health. Ylang Ylang to help balance oil secretion. Cedarwood and Lavender offer purifying effects. Wheatgerm oil conditions the skin with essential fatty acids.


No4 - Balancing - An aromatic treatment serum to maintain the balance of normal or combination skin. A nurturing blend of essential oils and botanical help defy the first signs of ageing to condition and refresh the skin keeping it supple and soft. Deeply penetrating formulation helps to maintain a healthy glow. Ho wood conditions and refreshes the complexion. Jasmine maintains balance in the skin. Nourishing plant oils protect the delicate balance of moisture and oil levels.


No5 - Revitilising - Ageing skin ideal for skin of pre-menopausal and menopausal age. Expertly hand blended aromatic oils deeply nourish and smooth skin texture. Nurturing botanicals help to reinforce skin integrity. Lipids rich oils supply essential fatty acids to lipid dry skins. Ho wood helps to condition and nurture the skin. Jasmine maintains balancing actions. Nourishing plant oils protect the delicate balance of moisture and oil levels.


No6 - Rejuvenating - A potent aromatic serum with a rejuvenating synergy of essential oils to support and reinforce menopausal and post-menopausal skin; lipid rich botanical oils nourish and nurture oil depleted skin helping to give skin a refreshed appearance. This specialist formulation supports the needs of post-menopausal skin experiencing loss of suppleness. Galbanum intensively supports ageing skin with reinforcing properties to encourage a more tonified appearance. Patchouli conditions the epidermal layers. Clary Sage tones and conditions the skin helping to soothe redness and offer strengthening effects. Ho wood assists with skin conditioning and is regarded for its supportive effects to comfort the emotions of menopausal and post-menopausal clients experiencing low mood.

Hand blended Aromatic Night Oil 25ml - Eve Taylor

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