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Owner of Within Collagen and Within Beauty

My name is CARLY and I am the owner of Within Collagen and Within Beauty. I have been a Beauty Therapist for over 25 years. I have worked around the world on cruise ships and in London, Blackpool, Wales, Southend, Chelmsford and Braintree. 


I was a Salon Manager and Trainer in many places including SAKS and have trained with brands such as Eve Taylor, Icon Ultralift, Elemis, CACI, OPI, St Tropez, Neals Yard, Guinot, Crystal Clear, Crazy Angel, Thalgo, Perron Rigot, Bare Minerals and Jane Iredale. I was also Regional Therapist of the Year with Pevonia and a finalist in the English Hair and Beauty awards 2020.

Since having children, I've had my own professional Beauty Cabin in Braintree, Essex for 12 years using all the treatments and products I've found give the best results.


I'm level 3 qualified, fully insured and

licenced by Braintree Council. 

I also decided to launch my own collagen powder, Within Collagen. I started taking collagen during lockdown when I noticed my hair was falling out. I think this was due to the stress of home schooling!! I've tried at least 5 different forms of tablets, gels, powders and gummies since then because I noticed a huge difference but there are so many brands out there.


What is a good collagen? Am I paying more because of fancy packaging and celebrity endorsements? How do I know it's the right one for me? Are collagens all the same? 


I researched and used my knowledge to provide you with exactly what your skin needs to regain its natural glow. As with the treatments I provide, I only use products on my clients that I am happy to use on myself! 


I also use collagen in products and the electrical facials I provide,

help to stimulate collagen from within the skin too.

More products to follow soon!




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