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A pure, fast absorbing marine collagen powder to replenish and rejuvenate your healthy glow from within.

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You are what you eat. As within, so without.

Healthy outsides come from the insides. You get out what you put in.

We've all heard the quotes. But the truth is.... they're TRUE!

Healthy skin starts Within.

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Collagen is a protein that makes up about 80% of human skin to keep it elastic and taut. It is crucial for mobile joints, stable bones, strong ligaments, smooth skin, glossy hair and healthy nails.

By the time we're in our 50's, with the natural collagen decline starting in our 20's, sun, smoking, alcohol, pollution, blue light from devices and hormones we are producing up to half less collagen than we should be.


This is when lines appear, dehydration, dryness, sagging skin, dull appearance and looking older than we are. Stiff joints, less mobility, weaker muscles and poor digestive systems can also be caused by depleting collagen.

I have worked as a Beauty Therapist for over 25 years and I know what our skin needs to be healthy. 

I use collagen in products and the electrical facials I provide,

help to stimulate collagen from within the skin too.


I started taking collagen during lockdown when I noticed my hair was falling out. I think this was due to the stress of home schooling!! I've tried at least 5 different forms of tablets, gels, powders and gummies since then because I noticed a huge difference but there are so many brands out there.


What is a good collagen? Am I paying more because of fancy packaging and celebrity endorsements? How do I know it's the right one for me? Are collagens all the same? 


I decided to research and use my knowledge to provide you with exactly what your skin needs to regain its natural glow. 

As with the treatments I provide, I only use products on my clients that I am happy to use on myself

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Why Within?

It is specifically optimised for beauty purposes. 

There are actually about 28 types of collagen used in muscles, joints, the uterus, cornea, cartilage, bones, hair, blood vessels, stomach lining and lots more. Rather than have a general collagen powder that is diluted to the whole body, a process called Hydrolysation can be carried out within the collagen, to break it down into specific peptides, each having a different function. 

Therefore, I have ensured that only the peptide chains that target connective tissue formation in skin, hair, nails and cellulite are used in Within Collagen Powder giving a more undiluted result to the areas you need it. 

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Easy Absorption 

Due to the size of the peptides, Within Collagen is extremely bioavailable meaning that most of it can enter the blood stream and be recognised immediately by the fibroblasts in the skin where our collagen is synthesised. If collagen supplements have not undergone the proper hydrolysation process, the molecules remain too big to be absorbed properly and are excreted from the body with little effect. 

Collagen structure molecule

Marine, Bovine or Vegan Collagen

Marine collagen (type1) comes from the scales of fish, parts that would normally be thrown away, making it more environmentally friendly. Also, due to its smaller particle size and being the closest collagen type to human skin, it is absorbed into the body easier (especially if it is hydrolysed) targeting the proteins in skin, hair and nails exclusively. Bovine (type 2) comes from the skin of cows, and is cheaper to produce. It dilutes to cover many different types of collagen in the skin. Vegan isn't actually collagen. It contains different plant extracts that naturally help to stimulate collagen production but doesn't put any extra directly into the body.


Scientific Studies

The collagen I use in Within, has undergone numerous scientific human studies and ultrasounds against placebos, on women between 35-65 for skin elasticity, nail heath, cellulite, hair growth and collagen increase. The results have been shown to be quite significant when taken 

consistently for 2-3 months but can show as early as 1 month.


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Natural Skin Health

Ageing, cellulite and wrinkles are completely normal things that happen to everyone (despite what the media would have you believe!) It is important to understand that collagen isn't a miracle cure or doesn't have botox-like effects on the skin but it can, when used consistently, improve lines and firmness, renew your skin's glow, strengthen nails and hair and help to improve the appearance of cellulite.


Drinking extra water will also have a greater effect on the hyaluronic acid in your skin also stimulated by taking collagen to help extra skin hydration.

Within the Menopause 

In my mid-40's and with the menopause approaching, I have already noticed the way my changing hormones effect my skin with dryness, lines and overall tone. Especially as the skin can

lose about 30% of its elasticity during this time!! It's never too late to

start supporting your body's production of collagen.

don't want to look 30 at 55, that's not natural! And I've had many laughs in my life to earn those laughter lines! Looking healthy and radiant for your age is more important than focusing on 'anti-ageing'. You can't halt age, but you can slow down the effects!

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Now while men's collagen doesn't decrease as quickly as women's (they can look 15 years younger than us at the same age, lucky for them), they do tend to be a bit less sun screen and product savvy than women, ageing them more. This makes the age difference less noticeable but collagen in our bodies is the same in either sex so if wanting to target skin health,

Within Collagen Powder works the same way for everyone regardless of skin type, ethnicity age or sex. 

How to take it

This targeted ultra-fine powder dissolves in liquid, even hot, without denaturing the amino acids. I put mine in my morning coffee. Also great in smoothies, yoghurt, juice, protein shakes etc. 5g (2 Scoops) contains 5000mg of pure type 1 marine collagen peptides. This is the dose tested in the scientific studies to have the maximum effect. Taking more doesn't significantly increase results.


Results have been shown in as little as a month. Personally, I think 2-3 months is a more realistic time frame for the collagen to get into your system and get to work. 

Not suitable for fish allergies.

Recyclable packaging.

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Nutritional profile of collagen
Allergy information collagen
Amino acid profile collagen

Contains the 18 amino acids essential to skin health especially

Arginine - restores visible skin damage

Histidine - Soothes skin, antioxidant

Methionine - protects from environmental damage, tissue repair

Lysine - strengthens the skin surface

Leucine - makes fine lines plumper

Proline & Glycine - stimulates Keratin for hair and nail health

£26 for one month supply
£72 for three months 
(Within Beauty clients message me for extra discount!)

Message me on 07709631902
or email
to order or go to shop now.
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